Wedding Vow Renewal

Plan a ceremony to renew your wedding vows !

The symbolic ceremony is made for you if you wish to pronounce once again your wedding vows, several years after your wedding, in front of your friends and family.
Wedding anniversary or second wedding, no matter the occasion you can celebrate your love and gather the persons you hold the dearest for a joyful and romantic moment.

couple romantique

Eloping by the sea

At the time where a wedding on three ends up by a divorce, do not forget to thanks your lovely husband or wife for still being by your side…
Celebrate your love together, as an intimate wedding or a big event with friends and family.
Many occasions are available to celebrate this party : your wedding anniversary, your first date anniversary…
More romantic and less ceremonial than a wedding, the vow renewal ceremony remains a unique moment to share with your closet circle…

A feast of love, a feast of life…

The vow renewal ceremony is another step in a life; it allows you to take a step back and celebrate your couple story, and to thanks your loved ones for what they mean to you.
It is also a new promise for you and your partner, the desire to pursue the life together, stronger than ever.

Please contact us to organize your wedding vow renewal ceremony !