“A huge thanks to Florence and her charming celebrant for their professionalism, their kindness, their creativity and their attention. You have contributed to this beautiful day, and I could confess my whole wedding from A to Z without any worries. Thank you again for this amazing day, do not change anything, you are perfect.”

“Candy and Vincent were listening to us and prepared a ceremony that really reflected our image, which took place very easily and fluently, stressless and very emotional. We and our guests were delighted ! Thank you very much !”

“We would like to thanks the entire Flovinno team and especially Florence and Vincent for this tailor-made ceremony which corresponded a 100% to us, for their advice and their happiness. A splendid wedding with emotion, joy and memories for life. A huge THANK YOU !!”

“We are very satisfy with the services of the Flovinno agency for our wedding.

A special thank you to Candy who has shown a great listening, lot of kindness and attention to us, and an excellent professionalism. We were very happy to meet her !

Thanks to the whole team for making our wedding a moving, joyful, simple and authentic wedding as we wishes… in one word : unforgettable !”

Rituel du sable

“We lived our wedding as a moment of time : a wonderful ceremony and a magical atmosphere…  What a joy ! We had a hard time coming back to earth after this amazing week-end !”

“Candy who represents Flovinno understood what we were looking for. She has been very on call, found the perfect providers and made our wedding as perfect as she could. This day has effectively been amazing, full of emotion and love, a big work managed by Candy before, during, and after. A huge thank you !”

“Thank you again for this perfect ceremony. The organization and the celebrant were absolutely perfect”

“There is no word strong enough to express our gratitude for this day that will remains an extraordinary memory for us and our family.

A big thank you for your professionalism which never failed, a personal attendant until the D-day, and finally a team on the spot that took care of us.

Our wish for the future is a total success for your company, that it thrives and arrived at the top of the Wedding planners.

An encounter like this doesn’t happens very often in a lifetime, but it would have been a shame to miss out our first meeting at Le Salon du Mariage. We will miss our appointments, but happily there are also wedding anniversaries ! So we put that back in a year ? Deal !”

“Happy guests, bride and groom full of happiness. Thank you again ! A wonderful wedding that matched us, without any stress…”

“We still have our eyes full of stars !! (…)

The celebrant has made the ceremony even better than what we imagined…

We are like living a dream…”

“Everything was perfect… Once again a big thank you to Florence and her team who offered us a dream wedding. I recommend the Flovinno team eyes closed : dynamic, attentive, always on call. An extraordinary experience. We met during Le Salon du Mariage in Savigny-sur-Orge. Incredible.”

“Take a fairy, and let yourself be guided ! That is what you get with Florence and her team. Reassuring, smiling, joyful, protective: here is a cocktail for married ones who wish to entrust their wedding to Flovinno.

The Flovinno agency is a team of professionals you can trust.

When the D-day arrives : you are peaceful, you enjoy your day which is just the most beautiful gift !”

“Thanks to Flovinno, we were very happy : we lived a wonderful day and the ceremony lived up to expectations.

Thank you, and see you soon”

“Our union remains an imperishable memory, managed impeccably from beginning to end, for our guests happiness and ours.

Thanks to Florence and her whole team for making this day a real success, and a moving memory, engraved forever.”

“A memorable wedding with very intense moments. An extraordinary idea for a ceremony in the middle of the water and animals of Marineland.

An unforgettable memory that is engraved in our hearts.

Gracias por toda la ayuda y atenciòn”

“Perfect preparation and coordination of this very important day for us. The result exceeded our expectations, and what a joy to be guided by Florence. Stress was totally absent. This allowed us to approach the preparations very serenely and thus to benefit from this. Mission accomplished !

Moreover, Flovinno understood the originality we were looking for, advising us with many accuracy.

Thanks to Flovinno for making this day wonderful.”

Rituel du sable

“By choosing the symbolic ceremony, we went into the unknown… Congratulation for everything : Perfect organization, huge professionalism…

A huge thank you for allowing us to celebrate our union.”

“A D-day that looked like us and our expectations, a smooth unfolding without stress, everything went as seen during our various appointments, punctuated by nice and kind surprises.

The meetings and calls were useful, advising, reassuring, the contact was very good; a good feeling.

A very decent price without nasty surprises.

A wedding team as professional as cool, and very open-minded.

I recommend Flovinno to all the future brides and grooms who want to have the wedding of their dream.”

Alliance des mariés

“Beautiful ceremony ! Very intimate moment…

Professional, careful, serious and patient… A perfect service well above our expectations.

Than you for making this day a magical moment !”

Bouquet de fleur

“A huge thank you…

Our dream came true thanks to you,