Meet our Wedding Officiants

The officiant is a true handler of ceremony, who leads it from beginning to end.

We introduce you to celebrants who will make you live a unique wedding ceremony…

After a first meeting with the married ones, the officiant write the ceremony text according to their wishes and personalities.
He organizes the wedding through different phases, and makes sure everything is set in place : the explanations of the symbolic ceremony, the bride and groom story, the bridesmaids and groomsmen’ speech, some rituals if wanted, the exchanges of vows and rings…

The spirituality of the moment and the general atmosphere of the ceremony are ensured by the officiant, conforming to the married ones. The officiant always acts within the bride and groom wishes, and is perpetually connected to the wedding planner.

Note : a celebrant is not a wedding planner, and a wedding planner is not a celebrant !
The wedding planner organizes the “a-sides” of the wedding before, during and after the ceremony (decorations, welcome of the guests, speakers, music at the right time…). Invisible, he completes the officiant and managed the unexpected, the providers and of course the guests.

We have many different celebrants, each has a speciality : style, language… Some can interact with musicians or sing the songs of your choice.

As an example on this video, you can hear the voice of Vincent, Wedding Officiant and Singer:

Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our officiants.